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Another gem from Satoshi Kon

March 6, 2007, 3:09 PM

It’s called Paprika, already released in Asia last year. The trailer is a must see. It seems Satoshi is again exploring psychological themes, taking it this time to the extreme (this time it’s all about dreams). Visually, I dare say it’s better than anything the US studios can come up. Can’t wait to see it. Animenewsnetwork gave it an A+ rating :) Satoshi Kon has also directed Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Perfect Blue and Paranoia Agent. He is one of the top five anime directors from Japan.




[…] A few weeks ago I was saying that Satoshi Kon’s latest movie seems to be very promising. Well, thanks to the advantages of the free, vast internet :D, I’ve managed to watch it. […]

just saw on DVD, from Hong Kong.

A masterpiece indeed.

I wouldn’t call it a masterpiece, it has it’s flaws. The script is not perfect. But as it’s about human dreams and subconscious I think that leaving some things for the audience to guess is a good thing :) And in general, anime (and japanese movies as well) tend to leave some things not explained, to be imagined by the viewer. It’s like when you read a book and imagine by yourself most of it. It gives you greater satisfaction, it involves you as well, it pulls you into the story and make you add you contribution.

Americans in general just give you eveything on the table, you don’t even have to think much since almost everything is explained in detail.

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