Food for thought‘[...] do not think that good design can make a poor product good, whether the product be a machine, a building, a promotional brochure or a business man. But [...] good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential. In short, [...] good design is good business.’
Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

jobless for a week :)

April 8, 2007, 6:08 PM

When it’s time to go, you gotta go…

After a year of working for Lowe&Partners Group (first half for the now-disbanded Draft and after that for Lowe) it was about time for a change. It was a lot of fun, learned a lot, met some very good people involved in the advertising business but also learned what works and what doesn’t. Sadly, things are not going to be very pink for Lowe in the next year, I think. Though I could be wrong, it’s good to always keep that in mind ;)

Anyway, I’ve managed to fulfill one of my goals from quite some time ago, being accepted to work for a leading romanian design company :D I hope i’ll be up to the challenge.




Very much good luck! :)

which company is that? if i may ask.. :)

Heheh, I’ll say after I finish (succesfully, I hope) the testing period :)

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