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On the (steel) road

May 5, 2007, 12:07 PM

I love those hills that spread through all Transilvanian landscape. If I miss something from my time living in Cluj it’s definitely the ability to look almost anywhere at the city’s skyline and see the surrounding hills, knowing that at anytime I can get my bike and go riding through the forests and bumpy roads. Nowadays Bucharest’s urban jungle will have to do…

Love'em hills

In the meanwhile, Cluj is changing (finally, after 12 years of beeing held back by its previous mayor Funar). The center of the city is mostly ditches, but by the autumn it will have a completly new Eroilor Street. The left side in this following picture will be a huge sidewalk, with statues, fountains and (I hope) lots of trees.

Coming soon..




tee-hee… not the best thing to show off the town :P

But the picture is great … in disturbing kind of way that makes me swear every day I have to pass there :P

love the first one. photo i mean.
is it like… taken while riding? i see a pole flying by :-)

Hehe, didn’t you get the hint in the title ? The photo was taken while travelling by train to Cluj. It’s about 20 or 30 km from Cluj. That area doesn’t even have gsm coverage, it’s like the middle of nowhere, but that’s the beauty of it, seems a little bit untouched by urban life.

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