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May 7, 2007, 12:38 AM

Satoshi Kon's Paprika

A few weeks ago I was saying that Satoshi Kon’s latest movie seems to be very promising. Well, thanks to the advantages of the free, vast internet :D, I’ve managed to watch it.

First things first: visually stunning. Quite similar to Ghost in the Shell: Innocence, but better, since it’s CG isn’t as obvious. The sheer abundance of colours, characters, sets is overwhelming, just as you’d expect from a depiction of the human limitless imagination. The story, however, is not among Satoshi’s best. It’s quite unimaginative (resembling Jenniffer Lopez’s The Cell), sometimes incoherent, ilogic. But then again, what is logic when talking about the human mind ?

It is not quite an A+ movie, but it’s definitely a great watch, especially for us, visual-dependent ones. If you want a better story check out Millenium Actress and Perfect Blue.

You can see some of the storyboards here.

page from Paprika storyboard
A few screenshots for the apetizer :)

Great feeling..

Butterfly effect ?


Some other hi-res images here.




Sa vezi si Casshern pentru un deliciu vizual, desi e cam vechi.

Translation: You should watch Casshern as well, a feast for the eyes, even if it’s quite old.

Please use english next time. Thanks ;)

Hmm, din cate tin minte l-am avut da nu mai stiu de ce nu m-am uitat la el :P Dar daca zici, o sa il caut iar sa ma uit :)
***Later edit:
Thanks to Laura, I’ve managed to see beyond my nose and realize that romanian wasn’t supposed to be here at all, so here’s the comment again in english:
Well, as far as I remember, I haven’t watched it, but I do remember having it at sometime. Guess I’ll look for it again.

Mooo…parca era ingurishi :P
I’ve been meaning to watch Paprika, but i need to catch up on the GITS movies first . And what do you know , i also downloaded Millennium Actress a few days ago …Aaaa … all i need now is time…school’s a mother` :(
Neat layout and banner(s), i definitely need to ask you some things when i decide to make my own sitey…prolly after summer :)

Hahahahaha, veery good point Laura :P Well, I got carried away and forgot to respond in english.

Funny thing is that for 3 or 4 minutes I’ve been beating my head to understand what “ingurishi” means, even googled it :)) Then it hit me that it has to be “english” and only AFTER that it occured to me that maybe romanian wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place :P

Thanks ;)

[…] later edit: Some time ago I was reading about Paprika and Tekkon, and reviews said that Satoshi Kon’s Paprika is better, making Tekkon look like something incomplete, with only great visuals, but little substance. How wrong they were… While Kon’s Paprika is beautiful, and raises many questions about human’s psyche and dreams, Tekkon is way ahead, dealing with human emotions, and not in a rational way, like Paprika, but in a personal, introspective, i-feel-it kind of way. […]

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