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Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

Créme de la créme

July 16, 2007, 1:38 AM

Today I had the “honour” of witnessing the utmost essence of manelism impersonated in a human being. As I was riding the tube, I couldn’t help noticing a young man, probably between 25-28 years old, who was listening manele (a music genre which is very much disliked by upper social classes and educated people in general in Romania).

I said I couldn’t help noticing him because even though he had earphones, everyone in the tube wagon could clearly hear the music. Not having anything better to do :P, I started watching him for a while, studying him (gotta keep in touch with all sorts of people if you want to be efficient in advertising, right ? :) ). He was wearing a white Armani Xchange tshirt, with a big A and X sewn on his chest, all glittering like tiny silver coins. He had a well-rounded beer belly, which was stretching his tshirt well enough. He was also wearing some Lottot sneakers, which are a turkish or chinese Lotto ripoff. He was also chewing some gum in a very noisy and self-content way, while keeping the music’s beat with his left foot.

But the pinnacle of his “look” was the book he was reading with great passion. Yes, some “manelists” can read, or so it seems (maybe he was faking it :))))))) ). It was a Sandra Brown book, a very used and “enjoyed” one, maybe borrowed from the barber’s shop where he had his nails done or something like that. I regret not taking a photo, but even that wouldn’t have been able to portray half of this fascinating person.

Finally, to better get the idea and the mood, here’s a real “treat”:
Florin Maimuta – “Pumnii mei minte nu are”
(Florin The Monkey – “My fists brainz ain’t got” – hardly translated to match the original’s lack of any respect for grammar)

Later edit:

found this funny song made by members from Suie Paparude, Junkyard – Run Shot :)




Bad ass!
If you would encounter an alien of any kind, that would be nothing compared to this, ah? lol

Aliens shmelians :P

Aliens are supposed to build space ships, which means the follow the same laws of nature as the whole universe. “Manele” is in itself a completly different dimension, so nothing can be compared with it :P

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