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Lifted by Pixar

July 17, 2007, 4:10 PM

Yesterday I read about Lifted, a short made by Pixar (already nominated for Oscar) which is screened in the US just before the delightful Ratatouille. I started searching it on the net, mostly on local peering hubs and torrents :P Luckily today my brother gave me the following link. It seems it was too hard for me to look it up on youtube or dailymotion :P

Later edit:
After a week it seems Pixar decided no more free shows so the short movie was removed from DailyMotion and Youtube. I really don’t get it. Are they hoping to sell it on dvds or what ?
Too bad.

Even later edit:
Found it again :) Long live free sharing !!!

Uploaded by nicop




Hehe, darn russians, if free-sharing (read piracy, cam-ripping, scanning, cracking, patching and so on) should be banned for good everywhere else, I’m sure we could still count on them :D – and maybe the chinese too.

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