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I blog therefore I don't exist

August 19, 2007, 1:09 AM

I realised today (yeah, bathrooms are very thought provoking as always, it seems) that blogging is somehow one-way socializing. Pretty much like first radio-amateurs, broadcasting in hope that someone is listening, a dialogue with only one part talking (not a monologue, though – even if it becomes one many times).

BUT. Since blogging takes time, this means that the beer you could have with someone is gone. Hence, the title. When blogging, you tend to neglect your social life. And feeling this, you tend to blog even more, to compensate the lack of real human contact. Before you know it, you’re addicted. Surely, some bloggers meet, talk and stuff, but they still have the need to blog. Few manage to do more than just the bed-job-bed daily routine, as Andressa writes about it (article in romanian). Sometimes I really wish the earth-day had 48 hours.

But then again, you can’t really say that doing-nothing-days don’t have their charm :)

Maybe I should start having more beers.
Cheers ;)




On the other hand, Iancu, having to social life – for some bloggers – means no subjects to write about. It depends on the type of blog, of course, but for a blog like mine, for example, it’s more like – I blog therefore I exist.

I’d also like to add that sometimes we don’t blog simply because we prefer not to share some aspects of our lives. We have time, we also have a life, true, to we write about other things – like the weather. More precisely, I’d rather not talk about my job or my personal life in detail.
Or vice versa – Not blogging doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a life.
It’s a matter of how you divide and manage your time.

Actually, I used this title exactly because I know many bloggers exist because they blog, it was just another way for me to be a little bit different (differentiating yourself is one of the keys if you want a succesful business – damn job, can’t get it out of my head sometimes :P).

It puzzles me why personal blogs are so attractive. Even though Big Brother is a very good example that humans are just dying to know about others’ personal lives. I wouldn’t be watching that, but I’m surely hooked a bit on your blog for example, maybe because of the writing style, maybe because by reading somebody’s personal experiences you feel closer to having some sort of “part-time friend” (as we previously discussed :P).

In the end, it’s not that we don’t have enough time to do something, it’s just that we don’t want it hard enough to make time for that.

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