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Obluda (Monster)

August 21, 2007, 4:15 PM


Talking about “Where the wild things are”, here is another gem, “Obluda”, a story contained in the 37th episode of Monster (the anime). Monster is one of the best written mangas, one of the best anime there are nowadays, truly a great watch. This little story is yet another thing that sends shivers up my spine (especially the melodic, feminine voice, saying slowly “bari bari, cusha cusha, baki baki, gokun!”). It is a lot more mature than “Where the wild things are” and it could be compared to the way Mamoru Oshii reinterprets “Little Red Riding Hood” (Perrault’s version, not Grimms’) in his Jin-Roh movie (another classic anime).

I don’t know if the “Obluda” book actually exists or if it was made up by Naoki Urasawa (Monster’s creator), but it seems they were selling it along with one of the Monster dvds in France. I searched a lot, I’d really like to buy it, so if you find anything at all about it, please tell me :)

Later update (24 May 2014)

The book can be found & bought by searching for the ISBN 9784091790279 or 4091790275 (Amazon UK have it, maybe others too). Be advised, it’s in Japanese and the details are for the lenticular, hardcover version (there’s a paperback version too, it seems). You can find the translations for the stories on the Obluda Monster Wiki page.




It is actually invented by Urasawa. You can probaly find a a copy on eBay, or just read the version included with the ‘scanlation’ of Monster at

On that note, the story is supposed to be terrible and is the basis for a major plot device in the story, were children who have said story read to them go batshit insane.

Thanks for the tips :) Too bad eBay doesn’t work that easily in Romania :|

I didn’t really get what you were talking about on the second comment. Could you rephrase please? :)

Thanks for dropping by ;)



i found yu site with pure chance looking for obluda..

i leave in Paris and i saw the Monster manga since one year

i look for the real book you look for too..

i find one thing very interessant

it seems that
forst thing : this book reaaly exist but very few book in the world


one seems to be in the bibliotheque François Mitterand


i never go see it yet

bye hope it will help you

fan of Monster and monsters in Us, humains

Hehe, thank you for the information :) I don’t think I’ll be in Paris soon, but who knows :)


I actually found a copy of this book in Japan. I’m not sure about this but the book seems to be a collection of the three stories (the farmers, the god monster and the monsther with no name) but the stories are from different authors. There is another story in the small book by Mr. Werner Weber who was reported missing in a hotel in 2001. Then there are some scetches of the original work.
The book cost 1100 yen and I only found one copy. It did seem like a recent print (with a nice 3d-cover of the green monster). It’s been printed by Shogakukan (Tokyo).

I know, I’ve found it as well in Japan, I managed to order it from :) Unfortunately I can’t read japanese, but I’m glad I have it anyway, the book is beautiful. Thanks for the comment ;)


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