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Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO


August 30, 2007, 3:35 PM

I spend 8-9 hours working in front of a monitor. I go home and spend another 5-6 hours surfing the web, working, drawing, reading, watching movies and talking to people, still in front of another monitor.

This means that I spend more than half of the 24 hours looking at an electronic window. I wear glasses but, luckily, I have very small diopters. Since I’m spending so much time of my life in front these windows, I decided to get a good one, this 24 inch beauty:


Dell 2407WFP-HC (some reviews here, here and some more here).

Since it’s a new model, released this summer, I had to order it through Genesys, who were very helpful. It will take about 20-30 days to arrive, but the longer the wait, the bigger the pleasure, they say ;) This monitor is the 6th release of the popular 2407WFP, and the big difference is its 92% color gamut (a normal LCD has around 72%). I was considering Samsung as well, but Dell has (among other benefits) a guarantee you can’t resist: should anything go wrong, they replace it, plain and simple.

Can’t wait to enjoy it – yeah, porn in HD, like a friend quickly suggested :))




Got it. It’s a great display, good even for print work (you can calibrate it pretty well for a LCD).

Best of luck!

Hmm, good to know that from a fellow designer :)
Thanks and best of luck to you as well.

What was the price for this monitor at Genesys? After how much days after you order you had the monitor? Please aswer becouse I want to buy it. Thank !!!

I paid around 770$+VAT, which brought me around 2200 lei. I haven’t received it yet, as I said in my post. Normally Dell delievers in 30 days maximum, but usually it takes around 20. It takes this long since the monitor is very new and hasn’t been shipped to local shops yet.

The main reason I bought it from Genesys is that they responded very quickly to my emails, they really knew what I was talking about (many others were offering me the previous version of this monitor, some even offered me a CRT – even though I gave full details about what I wanted). I also liked their offices, looked like a serious and reliable company, not like some two-dime-2-IT-students-company. Hope I’m not wrong.

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