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Thinking about quitting

September 1, 2007, 3:21 AM

I wanted to write about this for some time now. I guess I just wanted to let it hatch for a while. But today somebody told me something that made me think about it again.

How many times haven’t I thought of quitting ? (haven’t we all ?)

Every single time I am down by some reason, big or small, be it personal or professional, I find myself thinking of quitting and trying something else. It’s normal I guess. Even when I’m pretty close to actually doing it, I still know “it’s just a phase, you’ll get over it”. It’s annoying to be a rational person. You spoil your own fun most of the time. Always analyzing.

Quitting is pretty much like saying “I won’t drink again”. But you never really quit drinking (well, at least most of us). Just because you felt bad once, twice, that doesn’t mean you’re going to give up. You just bow in front of “the porcelain god” and start all over again next time.

Quitting your job. Oh the joy of it :) Nothing compares to the feeling that you’re going to be free soon. You go to work with a smirk on your face every day. You enjoy being nice, helpful, even if they treated you badly, even if they don’t understand their bussiness, their job. You smile, knowing that you are already free. After all, what can they do ? Fire you ? Hahahahahaha.
But then, you might have the job you wanted, you hoped for. It’s inevitable – like Agent Smith says – that sooner or later you’ll think about quitting again. There is no such thing as a “dream job”. It’s either them proving to be less than expected, it’s either you, feeling the worst looser from your profession. But you’ll get ofer it. You usually do.

Quitting people. That’s big. Caring for someone means you are giving away a part of you. A part you can never get back if you decide to quit. That’s why it hurts. It’s that simple.
People change. A friend told me that women change completly after seeing their name written on that paper, next to yours. Then you start thinking about quitting. Again. Sometimes you quit just because you’re too tired of trying not to quit. Sometimes you want to quit, you know it’s what you should do, but you just can’t. Just because you don’t want to quit, you change. You learn to like new things, you learn to actually show through many means that you care. At least you should try to. Otherwise you’ll be quitting in no time. Or the other will. Which brings you to the other big thing.

Quitting yourself. Your own way of living, of dreaming, of spending your free time, of talking and interacting with people. Every time I decide to do something different I quit my old self. So quitting is definitely good sometimes. But not easy. Sometimes you just don’t want to. You are, after all, your worst enemy, critique, client. Your own nemesis.
Quitting your own false friendliness. If only I could do that more often. But it takes courage to be painfully sincere. Although it’s such a good strategy. Nobody expects it, so they’ll be off guard when you lay it all out, not hiding.
Quitting your inner child. Do that and you’re dead. You might look alive, but you really aren’t. You’re just a shell. No ghost, just a shell. Only children love. Adults like. Admire. Grow fond of. Get used to. But never love. So I feed my child. I take care of it’s fantasies. I let him dream. Play. And I love people who do the same with their child. I’m drawn to them. I admire them. They are so few.
Some children are sad, though. Sick. And a whole lot more are dead.

Why do I quit ? Or why don’t I ? Because of hope and courage. When I don’t have hope, I make it up. While grinding my teeth, of course. And I keep going. When I have courage, I cut my hope down and live on, finding another hope. And there’s the third, don’t-wanna-talk-’bout-it, option. Lack of both hope and courage. When you just let yourself drift, too tired, too broken to care where you are going. Rambling, waiting for some hope to find you, or some courage to save you.

One way or the other, you keep going. You have to, time doesn’t stop for getting up and dusting yourself. In the long run, we’re all dead, right? Might as well try something till then.

A teacher told me once: “Bati campii cu gratie” (pretty close to “you’re beating around the bush gracefully”). Guess she was right. But I won’t quit that either. Not yet.

(Thanks Guerri Night for providing the mood)




Don’t think! Just work! :)

:)) Well, that might be a solution. Work, work, work, like father Lenin used to say, right ? Neah, doesn’t work for me :P I’m too smart for my own good.

Did you know that ignorance is bliss ? Or so they say, I never tried it and I guess I’ll never will..

Ignorance is not bliss. Sure, sometimes it hurts knowing, but more often than not, it hurts more not knowing.

Back on topic: quit it, already :P

I can’t really agree with you. It is true that believing “what you don’t know can’t harm you” is plain stupid, but there are too many of us humans that live without worrying too much. Or worrying just about very petty things. Nail jobs, hairstyles, make up, shoes, footbal can be equally tragic to many.

When it’s yours, there is no small tragedy. Be it having a pimple or not having where to sleep.


When i hear the word quitting my mind automatically gives me a negative feeling. But quitting is not necessary a bad thing. It can actually be a very good one. It’s hard though to quit something because usually when people quit they still have a choice. The choice not to quite. So it’s not about quitting, but about taking choices? Sounds different, right? It’s more positive:) but it’s pretty much the same thing. It’s not easy, whatever we call it. But life is about taking choices, and quitting stuff, and moving on…life is an upside down roller coaster, life is about hoping, and hurting, and crying and smiling. That’s just life and dusted or not we have to go trough it. N. Iorga said once ” the smart ones are looking for happiness all of their life, only the stupid ones cry all loud and smash their asses on the ground saying they are miserable”.
So since you are a rational person, as you called yourself,
you should be aware that “shits happen” and you should have a back up or some straight left somewhere to move on. The choices we make in life define us as rational human beings. So if you didn’t quit something and you still keeo wondering ” what if” it means you did a good choice. If you do wonder…then time is precious, don’t waste it anymore and do something about it! Sometimes it really is too late…

fortunately analysis is not the only way to resolve inner conflicts.Life itself still remains a very affective therapist.Life itself is all about quitting.It’s about all those nice,warm and sweet things that you discover after quitting.In three words i can sum up everything i’ve learned about life : it goes on.Any idiot can face a crisis – it’s day to day living that wears you out.I still find each day too short for all the thoughts i want to think, all the walks i want to take, all the books i want to read, and all the friends i want to see.I’m definitely sure that life is wasted on the living.You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.When i stand before God at the end of my life, i would hope that i would not have a single bit of talent left,and could say : ‘I used everything you gave me’. Hope this will help you understand that you are one of a kind ,that you have to quit before starting anything else, and that there’s someone who really appreciates who you are and what you’ve become.And also hopes she’ll never lose you.

i apologize for my mistakes,i’ve just encountered one : ‘Effective therapist’ .Thanks

Don’t worry, we all learn from our mistakes – or at least we should try.

Analysis is my way of living, I am a rational person (even though I am passionate in my relationships – so much that it becomes so hard to let go sometimes..), always thinking about what my choices are. And since I try to think at both the good things and bad things, I’m rarely surprised by things in life, mostly because I take them as they come, adapting myself. Life just happens, if you stop and stare at it, amazed that it just happened, you’ll be left behind. Maybe it’s like white water rafting, or like freeride skiing, you just go on and on, dodging or conquering what nature throws at you.

I also know that happiness is not at the end of life, it’s life itself. As Hesse’s Siddhartha (the first Buddha incarnation) says, it’s all about the travel, not the destination.

I do not think we are unique, but I do believe we can become so. It’s our choice to best ourselves, or to just fall into the masses, blending in, losing our originality, becoming one with the herd. Robin Williams’ “What Dreams May Come” shows a very interesting approach on Heaven and Hell, one which is quite close to my beliefs.

Thank you for your thoughts.

You said something about happiness I found a very suggestive quote reffering to what you’ve said :) : There is only one difference between a long life and a good dinner: that, in the dinner, the sweets come last.
Robert Louis Stevenson
Hope you’ll like it :)

:)) Very nice quote.

But if I may be a little critic, it’s not entirely true, it is common knowledge that old people also have a sweet tooth, just like kids :)

if yu think abaut quiting just quit and suisaid. ther is no alternativ. belive me

Suicidal takes guts if you do it for a purpose. Seppuku for instance, or kamikaze. Even suicide-bombing (in spite of many being manipulated through false propaganda or false promises)

If you just want to quit your life, well, you can quit at any time, so why not wait a little bit more? Dying is easy, living is hard.

I think there’s always an alternative. Even when you don’t see it.
Regards ;)

blah blah blah… yu only say words, yu dont belive what yu mins living not only say words. and dont think so mach becauz it daznt help.

:) Funny.

You may be right, you may be wrong. This is the only thing you can’t deny (or at least you shouldn’t, but, then again, not everybody has to be a dualist, right? :P).

Living without thinking is a choice. But not mine ;)

I didant say to live widaut thinking, bat I supoze yu think to mach. This mey be a diziz and yu wil be sory later. Justa live, life is beutiful. And smyle, Isus help us oll. :-D

Nobody’s perfect :)

Allah ackbar :P

I am perfect and I am praud of this. Naw I have to go, we oll go oneday :-D. remeber, life is beutiful!!!!!!! be hapy and dont think so mach becauz yu wil have wrincals and yu wil look like a old grendfather.


Yup, we’re all gone, sooner or later ;)
But till then, at least we can enjoy a beer :D

I’d sure buy you one, you’ve earned it ;)
Cheers mate!

cheers!!! I have question: are yu from Piatra Neamt? Or I was joking wit somoene els :-p. I find yu on google “iancu blog” . naw I realy go.

:) No, I’m from Bucharest, even though I’ve lived in a few other cities. Check the “About” section at the top of the site if you want more info.

See ya.

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