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Paul Dateh w Inka One – Violin hip hop

September 8, 2007, 11:38 AM

This guy just blew me away. Too bad he doesn’t have an album out yet.

Visit his myspace page if you want to download this song and listen some more. He also has a blog (everybody does these days).

(via feeder)

later edit:
Found another nice video with artist Miri Ben-Ari, she is “the hip hop violin” (with TM and all).

I like Paul Dateh more, he still seems to be having fun from doing it, Miri Ben-Ari is much more caught in the well-oiled hip-hop music industry. It’s a shame when you trade your talent/soul for money. But then again, we all work for money, one way or the other, right ?

And while I’m at it, I have to write about another impressive duo, flute player Greg Pattillo and cello player Eric Stephenson (at Union Square, subway in NYC). Another video here.



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