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New visual id for romanian public administration

September 14, 2007, 12:57 AM

Please vote here against this shameful identity and please give the reasons, maybe they’ll understand that design is also a profession, not a hobby.

Grab your torches and pitchforks, romanian public administration has a new identity. Actually, I really hope it is still a proposal (they’re not very specific on the site), or even better, an April’s fool. First, “enjoy” the logo (isn’t it about time we left the so-called revolution behind?):


I won’t start complaining about fonts, symbols, colours, readability and so on. Even if professionals will spot the problems right away, sometimes it’s also a question of taste (even if there are unbreakable rules in design, after all). But seeing this will surely give you a clear idea of how knowledgeable the designer is (if he/she is a designer at all):


Since when is 50% black the same with C62 M53 Y53 K24? But wait, there’s more: why, oh why, do you have to put gradients over the symbol (on this biz card, some other stationery and the wep page layout)?



Here’s what different counties’ logos supposedly should look like (spot the “i”‘s, if you can):


Visit the site (romanian) if you want to see(endure) more.

I am optimistic by nature, even though many friends keep saying that we should just leave this damned – as it many times seems to be – country. This is actually quite a trend among romanian advertisers, wanting to leave the country for good, in search of the graphic-design-el-dorado or something alike. Wonder why they seldom do :P

But, seeing this kind of work so often, especially for big companies and institutions (if only they could just copy from other great designs, like the spanish government did), and, on the other side, hearing about great countries that worship design, like UK, Nederlands, Denmark, Norway and so on… Man, do I feel my feet burning.

(got the word via Kit)




[…] Must-see of the week. I was gonna post a few comics from around the web, but then nothing made me laugh more than this. If you’re a graphic designer, you’re in for a treat, though if you’re Romanian, it’ll be a bitter laugh. If this turns out not to be a WIP or a joke, then it really is time to move on to the torches and pitchforks. Via Kit. sb_url_to_rate = ''; sb_rated_title = 'Funny?'; sb_when_to_load = 'immediate'; try { sb_rated_creation = new Date(Date.parse('Fri, 14 Sep 2007 14:44:46 -0400')); } catch (e) {}; sb_categories = "Evil News"; Subscribe to our comic’s feed […]

Dude!… Not even when I was at the begining I couldn’t do something like this. I can’t believe a designer did this on his own. I believe he was forced to draw this by “the elders” of public administration :)) Or maybe he was brainwashed by aliens… Beware! You may be next… =))

I really doubt a “designer” did this, I suspect the secretary :P Even so, it’s still horrible.

how about a competition between secretaries? if it’s up to them to design such stuff, they might al least come up with many laughable examples… but no, really, was there a competition for the design?

I doubt there was. I wonder what the SDPR were doing, weren’t they supposed to exist exactly to not let this kind of things happen? Or did they approve this abomination?

Kit says that they have some sort of inhouse “thing” that made this bitter joke. Wonder if it’s made of the bored secretaries from the public administration. Who knows…

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