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Jojo In The Stars

September 20, 2007, 10:59 PM

I was still in Poland, third year of study, when I discovered, among tons of other short animations, the work of Marc Craste. His “Pica Towers” short series left me craving for more of that bleak, spooky, twisted, but nevertheless beautiful and fascinating universe (check the site to see them). Then I read about a longer short, still in production at that time, called “Jojo In The Stars”. I’ve watched the trailer over and over again, haunted by the eerie music, searching frantically for the full version. And since then, I’ve still done it from time to time.

Today I was very glad to find it, mainly because I remembered I should try searching for it again, reading CRBlog‘s entry about Marc Craste’s work for Guinness (which is great, btw). So here it is, enjoy it properly by turning off the light and bumping up the volume:

jojo in the stars

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By the way, AnimWatch is a great resource for finding and reading about new or old short animations.




Breathtaking. Thank you for sharing.

[…] Watching “Jojo In The Stars“, Kit told me it left him breathless, thus reminding me of one animation that since the first time I’ve watched it (still in Poland) has managed to make me deeply shiver with emotion every time. It’s called “More” (you can download it from the site, if you use quicktime pro :P), directed by Marc Osborne. It was nominated for Oscar in 1999. It is wonderful how well the stop-motion animation combines with the touching music, managing to portray creation’s torments. […]

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