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Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

Blue Foundation

September 29, 2007, 10:16 PM

It’s not every day that I find a new band to like, yet alone two (see my previous post about The Silk Demise).

Meet Blue Foundation, a danish electronic music group (wiki). Imagine a Bjork-like voice, superb trip-hop beats, great turntable scratching, haunting piano and violins and you get a close image of what they sound like. Sometimes they remind me of Massive Attack, sometimes of Portishead, but they surely have their own sound.

This video is called End of the day, from their 2004 album, Sweep Of Days (great album, almost perfect). Enjoy:




Dang, I love this. Thanks for the tip!

Glad you love it, I’ll bring you more on monday :)

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