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Tekkon Kinkreet – the savage beauty of innocent life

October 13, 2007, 3:50 AM

Listening to the beautiful soundtrack, made by Plaid, I would’ve liked to write about the sensations Tekkon Kinkreet gives you. But I can’t, and I really shouldn’t. Because Tekkon Kinkreet does what movies should do (at least in theory): it touches you. I really felt the movie gave me in the end a small part of what Shiro was talking about, “Anshin! Anshin!” – meaning peace of mind, happiness.


I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to “feel” while watching a movie. And even if the story will fail to touch you, the visuals will surely blow you away with their insanely detailed city scapes, streets, buildings, and with its wonderful colors.


There are also the wonderful main charachters, Shiro (meaning white), contrasting with his “aniki” (older brother, but not necessarily by blood), Kuro (meaning black), both full of life in thei own way, complex, completeing each other.


Pingmag writes about the visuals, Catsuka posts some nice hi-q screens, SuperHeroType interviews the director (non-japanese, if you can believe) and highly talented Audrey Kawasaki shows us scans from Tekkon Kinkreet Art Book, just pure eyecandy, if you needed any more proof that Japan is ages in front of everybody else when it comes to animation.

later edit:
Some time ago I was reading about Paprika and Tekkon, and reviews said that Satoshi Kon’s Paprika is better, making Tekkon look like something incomplete, with only great visuals, but little substance. How wrong they were… While Kon’s Paprika is beautiful, raising many questions about human’s psyche and dreams, Tekkon is way ahead, dealing with human emotions, and not in a rational way, like Paprika, but in a personal, introspective, i-feel-it kind of way.





So rough you’ll clutch your fists, so beautiful you’ll swallow your tears. Backdrops. [Via Ibarbar.]……

Wow. I saw this DVD at Wal*mart yesterday afternoon and wondered what it was about. Today I pushed the Stumble! button and this is the v3ery first page I came to. Awesome ^^. I guess it’s a sign that I need to watch this movie then.

It must be a sign :) Now run off and don’t do anything else until you’ve seen it :)

Thanks for “stumbling” by :)

this one of the best movies I’ve seen in my life.. animated or not.

just amazing + beautiful!

you all gotta see it

[…] Beautiful short animation, reminds me of Tekkon Kinkreet: […]


I love this movie. I love this movie. I am getting tattoos on my ribs of Black and White actually. This is the best film of all time! A must see!

Well, what can I say, good for you, may you enjoy it ;)


I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

This is hands-down my favorite anime. Not everyone gets it and even less so with my gaijin friends. I did a short review on it here:

A close friend who was my guide into the world of manga and anime when I first moved to San Francisco basically took the manga for this (Black and White complete), shoved it into my hands and said “buy this!”. I admit at first I was put off by the art since most of the anime I had been watching/manga I had been reading had really great art…then one day/week with the flu I was home and had time on my hands so I read the thing cover to cover and was so hooked by the end! Then to my delight I saw that Michael Arias was doing a film version of it and thought no way could they match or top the manga…it was just so unique, not made for copying. Still when it came out I snatched a copy and while I initially had complaints about bits left out, event/plot sequences that had been re-ordered, it was still the Black and White I had grown to love. My one suggestion to all here who have it, if you don’t speak Japanese (I don’t), watch it once in English and/or read the manga but then by all means watch it again in Japanese with English subs if need be. The English voice actors sound too “Disney-esque” for this story where the Japanese kids are just about perfect, exactly what I heard in my head while reading the manga.

Tekkonkinkreet isn’t for everyone and certainly not for people who cannot handle subtle plot elements because there is so much here to discover and enjoy on repeated viewing. If however you take the time to really think about what goes on here you will love this movie as I and others have.

Geeky side-point: I have named all the servers at work after characters in the movie (Kuro, Shiro, etc). Screws up the guys at work but I know what they mean…

Indeed Jeff, Tekkon is one of the most beautiful films ever, and not only from the anime genre. I had the manga on my wish list for quite some time, maybe I’ll push it up to the top for xmas :D

Thanks for reading and for you thoughts. Btw, I have similar ways of using anime names for passwords or other things on my computer :))


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