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Bonobo and Silent Strike

October 15, 2007, 3:11 AM

Saturday night I went to see and listen to Bonobo (UK, from Ninja Tune) and Silent Strike. I only found Silent Strike just a few hours before the show, thanks to Oana (thanks again :) ), a young talented artist. I’m sure gonna buy his album today, hope I still find it. Silent Strike was surely on par with Bonobo. Period.

Long story short, it was a great show, I’m glad to see this kind of events taking place more and more often (and Becker Brau Live seems to be a good location).
Here are some pics of the band, Simon Green aka Bonobo being the one with white shirt and guitar. They also had a cool drummer, made the girls go crazy :)





daca nu il mai gasesti in magazine, incearca aici :)

Da stiu, m-am uitat si la ei pe site ca am vazut ca poti sa il comanzi. Dar cred ca intai trec pe la Carturesti, sa vad ce si cum.

Mersi oricum de info ;)

daca tot mergi pana la carturesti ai putea incerca si la magazinul la strada de pe batistei. stiu ca aveau si cd-uri cu muzica acum ceva timp

oricum silent strike merita drumul

Sure does ;)
Mersi de info.

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