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Corto Maltese – Esprit Sauvage

November 20, 2007, 4:13 AM

This ad almost made me buy Christian Dior’s Eau Sauvage. What better way to portray the idea of a “sauvage” perfume?

here’s a larger image

Corto Maltese is the image of the strong, solitary, misterious and yet melancholic man. I think Corto Maltese is one of the least explored great characters, I wonder how come Hollywood (and US entertainment machine) hasn’t grasped it yet. I’d surely preffer a Corto Maltese movie to any Superman, Hulk, Spider Man and so on (would’ve included Batman too, if he hasn’t been played by Bale lately :) ). Collin Farrel might make a good Corto if he’d be more “classy” (can’t think of a better “rugged” actor for this – Bale or Pitt are “too blonde” :)) ).

Anyway, if you want some great stories, mind-blowing watercolors (Hugo Pratt, Corto’s father, is a true master) and some of the same coolness of Cowboy Bebop, that oozes from every page, definitely get Corto Maltese. Too bad it’s so hard to find, only has some of the novels and dvds, so if you know french well enough, you’re in for a treat :)

And about Dior’s Eau Sauvage, well, you have to test it to see how well it suits Corto :) Bold, rough, then whiskey-old, melancholic, classy. One minor complain, I don’t think Corto would be caught doing that gesture, it’s not manly enough :)), but then again, none of us really is, we’re just good at pretending sometimes.


Later update:
Hehe, I did order Eau Sauvage eventually, so the ad did it’s job very well :)




I Love Hugo Pratt :).

Very good idea from Dior’s to use Corto Maltese.

Yes, Adi, Hugo Pratt’s work is gorgeous, too bad it’s so hard to find, even on the internet (demonoid had some of his tomes, but they’ve closed it down now).

I can share with you.
I love BD :P.

Facem schimb? :))

(wanna trade?)

hey, just found you blog and I think it is wonderful, funny and just up my alley. Anyway, just wanted to through in this idea for an actor: Viggo Mortenson. He is certainly tough enough.

Hehe, I saw a few days ago “Eastern Promises” with Viggo and I must agree with you, he’d make a great Corto, just the right amount of roughness, tenderness and misterious background. He just needs his hair dyed and some nice sideburns :)

Welcome and thanks for the comment ;)

I used to have a copy of this poster but unfortunately lost it in the post.

Does anyone know where I might be able to find a full sized original in France? Or buy one off the internet for a price that’s not entirely horrendous…? (I think I originally paid £10 or equivalent…)


Unfortunately, I have no idea where you could find a poster, the campaign ran quite a few years ago. Maybe you’ll get lucky in some of the BD shops in Paris?


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