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Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

Bad Mudaf'

November 21, 2007, 1:09 AM

Found this on Corbis today, by accident :) Ike and Tina Turner, showing their “black power” (by the look on her face, I guess Tina was already fed up with Ike’s demonstrations of power).


Anyway, I guess it’s good tshirt graphics material :)

And by the way, if you want some BMF wallets like Samuel’s from Pulp Fiction, you can find more info here :)





Like her facial expression a lot :).

I think her expression is from a whole other story, not going along with Ike’s even a bit. She might have wanted to look like a bad-ass-black-bitch next to her bad-ass-nigga, but knowing just a bit about their past makes me think something different.

Thanks for the comment :)

I TOTALLY agree with you about Tina!! Looool! Poor Tina, Fuck Ike this jerk

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