Food for thought‘[...] do not think that good design can make a poor product good, whether the product be a machine, a building, a promotional brochure or a business man. But [...] good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential. In short, [...] good design is good business.’
Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

Dutch Type

December 15, 2007, 4:07 AM

A great book about dutch typography and design, presenting Dutch Type from the dark ages to the present day. I got to browse it at the Atelier Tipografic event (in Bucharest, last month – organised by dutch and romanian design teachers). Mr. David Quay told me among other very interesting things that the book is half-sponsored by the Dutch gov (for them investing in education and thus in the future is something just as normal as getting taxes from the people).

It’s a great buy, for sure, but till then you can read it all for free here (Google Books). Take a look at its beautiful cover:


(photo from YouWorkForThem – a great store with some of the best books on design – they also have Dutch Type at almost half Amazon’s price)




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