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Camouflage – coming live in Bucharest, 19 jan

December 17, 2007, 12:06 AM

I read about Camouflage on Metropotam (link in romanian). The thing that cought my attention was that they were compared to Depeche Mode (a logic linking, since Camouflage are the name in german synth-pop). First I thought “just some other copy-cats”. But luckily I searched them out, found out they’re quite old (singing since ’84) and they had some well known singles (Love Is A Shield and The Great Commandment). So, they’ll be singing live in 19 january in Kristal Glam Club, Bucharest, if you can go, I think it’ll be worth it :)

Listen to one of the singles from their 2003 album, Sensor (their best, imo), called “Me And You”:




excelent blogul tau…acum ma duc la serviciu,dar cand ma intorc voi continua sa citesc/vizionez pe aici,ca nu am terminat.

Thanks a lot for the appreciations, though I would preffer them in english. I’m glad to gain another romanian regular (I hope) since my visitors are mostly from US (which is not bad in any way, I’m glad they find my blog interesting), getting “local” ones is not so often and especially feedbacking ones.

Thanks again and welcome.

An excellent band! Let’s hope the public will be numerous :)
No copy-cats here, they have their unique characteristics, but of course, if you want to motivate some people in coming at the concert, you can compare them to dM, although most of the early dM fans already know Camouflage :)

Have you heard? In the latest shows they sang their own cover of The Human League’s “Being Boiled”! I can’t wait to hear it!! :D

I’ve been listening to Camouflage a lot in the last month or so, I really like the “Sensor” album, my favourite, but the last one is also good, as well as the one from ’95. I’m sure they’ll put on a good show :)

Thanks for the comment ;)

Sensor from Roumania?

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