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Tadahiro Uesugi's light

March 2, 2008, 9:19 PM

Shin hanga meets french style in Tadahiro Uesugi‘s beautiful illustrations. I love the way his light shines in a mediterranean kind of way, feeling like a stroll on a warm sunny sunday afternoon (reminds me of Kosuke Ikeda a bit). Either way, they’ve got charm. Tons of it.








After a few searches, I also found a flickr set with Tadahiro‘s work. I forgot how I’ve found him in the first place (I think it was through this Amazon recommandation), but here’s a Drawn! article about him.




You shure are spartan with your words, but thanks for the comment :-)

foarte frumos.
o colega are o geanta cu una dintre ilustratiile astea.

Thanks for the comment Oana but PLEASE use english, I’d hate to write the “Leave a reply – english please” in magenta or vivid green :P

The illustrations are very “posh”, I’m sure they go very well on a purse or bag, as you say :) I bet women love that showing off with that high-nosed-over-self-confident lady strolling down the streets :)

yes, the illustrations are very sunny and so nice to look at, but it seems to me in a peculiar kind of way. I mostly like the last one, because of the ‘far-away-journey’ feeling it gives me… and the absence of the so usual now ‘posh’ character!

Well, you picked my favourite :) It’s one of the few of Tadahiro’s work that doesn’t have a character in it, but it sure has a lot of charm, a beautiful feeling oozing out of it :)

oh, they’re so nice ;)) the characters look a bit like jordi labanda’s. : )

Somebody told me the same thing, but I think Tadashiro is better than Jordi. His compositions, his light and his texture add a lot more to his work, even if his characters resemble Jordi’s.

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