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N.O.H.A. – sensual energy

March 5, 2008, 4:09 AM

Should you take a provocative spanish voice, sometimes reminding of Pink Martini‘s China, a ravish voice like Faithless‘ Maxi’s or Keith‘s and some great instrumentists with classical background, pour on some drum’n’bass, Bregovic sound and latin music, you might get a feeble ideea about N.O.H.A. (Noise of Human Art).


Unfortunately they aren’t so easy to find on youtube and such (this is their best known song, not an official video though), but you can check out their MySpace for more details, music and for some great downloads as well (definitely try Pijama, Gipsy Valley or Dive in your life – Balkan Hot Step for instance was the track played in this Nike Shox ad).

I’d love to see them live, they seem to put on quite a show. And I know I’d dance my brains out :)) Maybe sometime soon…

(thanks Iulian for the demo)

Later edit:
Here’s N.O.H.A.’s MySpace videos. Take a look at them live:


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