Food for thought‘[...] do not think that good design can make a poor product good, whether the product be a machine, a building, a promotional brochure or a business man. But [...] good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential. In short, [...] good design is good business.’
Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO


Practic cartea asta nu mai este in comert? pe Amazon? Mersi pentru pdf-uri. Era misto daca erau si in .jpg, mi le puneam pe ipod .
Ce zici de astea

First, please use english. I may be romanian, but this is an english-written blog.

Second, if you were a little bit more attentive you would’ve seen that the TypoGabor link contains the jpgs with wich I’ve made the pdfs. And if you would’ve checked the first link (the World of Logotypes one) you would’ve found the same link you gave me. But thanks for the thought ;)

Third, don’t take it personal, you’re welcome, I’m glad you found the books useful, and thanks for commenting ;)

Sorry, instincts sometime, i speak italian and german too every day, sometime is natural to speak my language. I saw after i post it that you already have post it. I have some book’s published by catharine fishel &bill gardner “logo lounge3”, but this is recent .

Don’t worry, even I forgot once and responded in romanian to a comment on the blog :)

Well, I don’t think that Logolounge or Los, Dos, etc Logos are worth the money. “Logo” by Michael Evamy, “Marks of Excellence” by Per Mollerup and these old logo books I’ve put here on the blog are far better if you really are interested in good, functional, long lasting logos, made by some of the greatest designers.

[…] “Top Symbols And Trademarks Of The World” was published in 1973, written by Franco Maria Ricci & Corinna Ferrari. There are two volumes of this Italian book, which are very hard to find now. Maybe if you’re lucky you’ll find them in some old bookshops. This rare pages are a part from the collection. And we should all thank Iancu for getting together all the pages into these 2 pdf files. […]

thank you for pointing this great source :)
I’ve put you as a reference link in this post :

You’re welcome.
Thank you as well for linking :)

I am a developer & a designer, i have a particular interest to everything that is connected to graphic design, non necessary on the web. I want to know how the designers think when trying to concentrated a brand in one symbol like a logo, some times I’ve read that this is not all, that the logo does not make the brand, different opinions, you know. I like logolounge, in some way it’s inspiring, i’m sure that are better books out there , i think “Marks of Excellence by Per Mollerup ” i have it already on my wish list on amazon, the name is familiar to me.

I’m now reading a book about Paul Rand, from Phaidon Press. It’s an excellent book if you want to get a glimpse of what being a good designer implies.

Cheers ;)

I’ve read a lot, but it’s always something more to read :), when i am sure that i really come to know something, i find another book that show me the contrary :)

When you stop learning you’re as good as dead ;)

Hi everybody. Sure I’m very glad and proud to help you descovering these magnificient ressources (2 vol./10). But for the elegance of behaviour I would be pleased to receive an official demand of authorisation to reproduce in PDF format these books. Why? First, on each slide you can read all reproduction is forbidden, only reserved for pedagogic use. By the way I wanted to protect the rights on the first editor Franco Maria Ricci. Not at all to earn any monney myself. So I’m not against this kind of transformation in PDF, although the quality isn’t better than on my website (typogabor). It would have been more comfortable to use high res photos for PDF. Enlargement of the lowres are not so elegant. But actually what I want you to publish on the PDF is the addendum : «All right are reserved. The use is strictly reserved for pedagogic purpose.» Thanks for your comprehension and visit on my website. peter gabor, graphic designer.

[…] tweet led me to one of Iancu’s old posts that led me to an older one of Richard’s, where the comment thread pointed me to this — Top […]

[…] tweet led me to one of Iancu’s old posts that led me to an older one of Richard’s where the comment thread pointed me to this — Top […]

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