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Ikea – today's Kinder joy

May 21, 2008, 1:56 AM

I remember that when I was a small kid, Kinder Surprise eggs had inside wonderful toys. In pieces, for me to mix’n’fix. Cars, planes, boats, dinosaurs, clowns, wacky flying machines, you name it. Putting them together was such a joy, especially if you didn’t look on the tiny guide.

These days we have Ikea. Every time I buy something from them I can’t wait to get home and spread all the parts on the floor, trying to figure out what goes where, first without looking at the guide :)


(the lamp in this photo didn’t take much effort to install, but the toy.. let’s just say that making models during design school certainly has its beauty, in spite of all the shortcomings – view larger on flickr)




Pentru tine as putea dedica cu usurinta The Verve – “A Beautiful Mind”…

Thanks :) (english next time, please)

I feel the same way about IKea, especially since I just moved to a new place and I had nothing with me other than my clothes. Two weeks of furniture to put together :)
I still wish they had not banned the Kinder surprise/joy in the US… The first thing I buy when I go home to Romania is a Kinder egg and Milky Way (how come our Milky way is different? so much lighter, smoother chocolate). Ahhh… I miss home at times…

Hehe, must’ve been a real joy :) About Milky Way, I’m not into it, but Bounty has the same effect on me, reminding me of the early ’90s. Kinder chocolate reminds me of Ceashca’s era, my uncle used to go to DDR and bring back sweets. I also remember Doublemint & Spearmint chewing gum, After eight chocolate (but the old one, not the newly-ruined-by-Nestle one)… And I like to wear CK Be since it reminds me of the smell a jeans jacket had, I got it when I was 10 y old from some friends in France :)

Thanks for reading ;)


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