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Oi Va Voi

June 1, 2008, 1:33 PM


Some time ago I was enchanted by N.O.H.A. This time I’m glad I’ve found Oi Va Voi (wiki). Combining jewish-music influences and hungarian folk with electronic music, the outcome is a seductive, eclectic and blood-boiling pleasure for the ears. Ranging from beautiful melancholic songs like Yesterday’s Mistakes, burning energy like Refugee (see it below), dance-till-you-drop D’Ror Yikra or even Massive-Attack-like tunes in Hora, Oi Va Voi members surely have grown to a distinct and well-developed personality. Their last album, bearing the same name as the band, was released in 2007 and has some great songs as well. The first single is the hilarious Yuri.

Here’s their beautiful Refugee song, from the 2003-released Laughter Through Tears album. Do admire their gorgeous singer, Alice McLaughlin ;)

You can also listen some of their songs on the excellent Deezer site or on the Oi Va Voi MySpace page.

(photo from here)




Thank you. )))

You’re welcome ;)


When I discovered your blog Oi Va Voi was the treasure that caught my eye and ears. Thank you so much!

I’m glad to have contaminated yet another fellow music lover :) You’re welcome :) Do come again, good stuff will follow, just as always ;)


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