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Smoke on the Shinano*

June 11, 2008, 11:49 PM

I won’t give any hints, the title is enough—just sit back and enjoy :D

*You can find the video on several websites under the name “Smoke on the Yangtze”—however, the musicians are obviously japanese, not chinese, so I think Shinano would be more suitable (or Biwa, as somebody suggested).

(Thanks go to Maria “Anael” for the link)




…waching that I thought it is a “Oborozuki-yo” (Night with a Hazy Moon) wishing I was “Ho Ho Hotaru Koi” (Firefly Catching) or “Cha-tsumi” (Picking Tea Leaves)!
But hey! “Musunde Hiraite” (Hands are Handy) and I found my way out.

I still respect “Hinomaru” (The Japanese National Flag).

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