Food for thought‘[...] do not think that good design can make a poor product good, whether the product be a machine, a building, a promotional brochure or a business man. But [...] good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential. In short, [...] good design is good business.’
Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

Radiohead — 15 Steps v2.0

November 23, 2008, 4:11 PM

Eye-popping video made by Kota+Totori for Radiohead’s song. They won the first prize in an aniBooM contest (along with 3 other videos — apparently Radiohead couldn’t make up their mind which one they like best).

This one reminded me a lot of FLCL‘s wacky world, but the one thing that made me grin with admiration was the inclusion of storyboard frames into the final animation.

Enjoy it on Youtube (embedding disabled, unfortunately).

(via CG Society)



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