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Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

United Visual Artists created the Massive Attack…

December 19, 2008, 2:44 PM


…stageset for their latest tour. UVA based their set up around a huge LCD screen, dominating the stage (unforgetable impressive, as I’ve written just after the Bucharest concert). All the animations were superbly syncronized with the music — political messages running on the screen, huge, red or white, flickering, dominating, pulsating, penetrating the wide-open eyes. The beautiful part was that, at first, I thought that the screen was similar to the one Muse brought the year before, coloured streams of light flooding the stage as the music got higher and higher. But when the light began to shape shift into letters, and then into maps, images, drops of water, I could not help but watch in awe a political–manifesto–perfectly–built show, meant to strike everyone to the core — not just a normal music concert.

I’d bet that none present there left untouched.


You can view larger images on UVA’s page about the shows (these ones are from The Royal Festival Hall).

And if you’re wondering who the hell UVA are, I bet you’ve seen this before:

It’s their much-awarded project “Volume“. UVA also did shows for Massive Attack before, U2 and many more, as you can see here and here.

(via fabrikproject — thanks Alin for the tip ;)




it was amazing indeed…

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[…] and especially thought-provoking experience brought yet again by Massive Attack and United Visual […]


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