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Snow everywhere

December 26, 2008, 6:20 PM

NW view of Straja Peak, Valea Jiului, Romania.

Few things can compare with the pleasure of freeriding through the snow powder, down the slopes of the mountain, through woods and alpine plains alike. I only hope that I’ll still be able to ski — meaning, we’ll still have enough snow — in Romania ten or twenty years from now.

Happy holidays everyone, snowy or sunny, just as you like it :)

You can view a larger image, along with others on my flickr. Two videos with my brother and I freeriding are also online on youtube, here and here :)

Later edit:
Well, it seems ‘freeriding’ is a snowboarding term, so the better thing to use would be backcountry skiing :)




Recent photo? Taken by you? Been there yourself?

Taken yesterday, around 3 or 4 PM, during one of the many downhills :)


Nice, very. Where?

Straja, Valea Jiului, just above the Lupeni town. One of the best places to go skiing in Romania :)


Nice photo. Where is it? :))
One more time, just 4 fun :D

Well, I did write the captions for the photo after the first question :P


Wow, soon it will be so snowy in Bucharest, that you might be able to ski in the park :P

Haha, if only they had a teleski in the park so you wouldn’t have to go uphill on foot :D :P


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