Food for thought‘[...] do not think that good design can make a poor product good, whether the product be a machine, a building, a promotional brochure or a business man. But [...] good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential. In short, [...] good design is good business.’
Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

Jetset's Amsterdam Film Night

January 12, 2009, 7:29 PM

Experimental Jetset is an Amsterdam-based (lucky bastards!) design studio. Among many cool projets (again, swiss style lives on), they developed the identity of The Amsterdam Film Night festival:

The following year, for the second edition of the movie festival, they made this poster, one of my favourites (also featured in the documentary Helvetica):


I really like the simplicity of the black&white visual identity:





Here are some beautiful badges, they’re from another project they did, but they’d sure go well with the rest of the AFN identity:





[…] Talking about Amsterdam designers, here’s another nice logo, yet again for another film festival—AFFF. The typeface is Amplitude, set in black, designed by the prolific Christian Schwartz. […]


I sooo love EJ … even though I hate Helvetica O_o

:)) Well, there’s only one real reason you can hate Helvetica for: looking so damn good everywhere you see it :P


Hehe… I’m not gonna argue about it’s estethics. It looks sexy indeed!
What I don’t like about it is the fact that it has become “the face of the faceless”. It has stopped being a typeface & has become a typemask. A typeface that is used to convey the essence of a whole lot of different products/companies looses the ability to stand for anything, imo. … in a “the medium is the message” kind of way :)

True, true. But still, unlike Calibri for example — a well-designed font, but doomed to become the next Arial because of its defaultness on Windows Vista — Helvetica still manages to be convincing enough, at least for the majority of the designers. I’ve just remembered, Paula Scher also hates Helvetica :))


Thanks for reading ;)


Thanx for posting interesting things.
It’s a pleasure to read.

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