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Dub FX—beatboxing to the next level

February 12, 2009, 12:02 PM

Incredible skills from Dub Fx. Seeing this I couldn’t help thinking about Prodigy and their not-so-great recent albums (haven’t listened the new one—i hope it’s good, but my hopes are not very high :P). Dub Fx shows that you don’t need fancy studios, record labels or tons of equipment to put up a great show. You can listen a few more songs on his MySpace.

(thanks bro’)




…and wiked new design!

Well, new it is, wicked—not yet, it’s still clumsy here and there, due to my lack of scripting skills :)


Cool indeed :) Thanks for sharing and for dropping by ;)


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Sună tare… cât despre Prodigy, Keith Flint era baza acolo, acum se ocupă doar de jocul de scenă. Personal mi-a plăcut albumul… dar aÅŸa-s fanii :))

Thanks for the comment—please use english the next time.

Keith Flint was nothing more than a dancer at the beginning, then he became the band’s visual image and sometimse MC. The music was and is made by Liam Howlett.


Sure :D sorry about that. Liam is the composer, true but Keith was the life of the band. I saw them at Coke Live last year, they were great… Liam was the only one actually singing :))

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