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Le cafe — your daily shot

May 28, 2009, 1:12 PM

Superb animation for Oldelaf And Monsierur D‘s funny song about daily coffee drinking :) Enjoy:

Le caf̩ РOldelaf et Monsieur D
by Mediamovies

(via Google)




cafeine addiction is an issue :p not to be laughed at :P

This time it’s only a pretext for a hilarious animation and song :) Cafeine is just one form of addiction that you can burden your life with — I don’t drink coffee, fortunately, but, damn, I’d wish I’d shake off some similar addictions… :)


Well, I’d sure as hell love to be less internet addicted :P You know, browse less, read more, play more, love more… :D


your girlfriend should be lucky :)

maybe :) especially if I get off the internet right now :))


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