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Aneb — a promising electro prodigy

June 16, 2009, 12:47 PM

Heard some days ago a song on ProFM’s Alternative station (ProFM is one of the corniest main stream radios in Romania, but its secondary stations are quite enjoyable, mostly because there’s no advertising and no annoying djs—make that no djs at all). It got me hooked, sounded very nice, so I checked to see who was playing. Aneb. Never heard of them. Google? Nada. Hmmm. Weird. Looked some more, managed to find Aneb’s Myspace.

To my surprise, Aneb is an 18-year-old romanian highschooler, Horatiu. He makes music in his spare time, always happy to work with new people. He doesn’t have an album out yet, but he certainly has some great material. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing a lot from him in the future.

Be sure to listen to Oltul la vale feat. Georgiana. The song played these days on ProFM Alternative is Heaven Lost feat. Ghost.




thanks for this. it’s sounds great

You’re welcome ;)


yes, he is good. i’ve seen him several times at our (brum conspiracy) rehersals space and than at street delivery. and now he’s in france for a music workshop together with my 2 conspirers :D

Ha, good for him, I hope he’ll evolve a lot in a few years :)


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