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Jay Jay in Bucharest — a city with no respect

December 5, 2009, 3:15 AM

Jay Jay in Bucharest

Jay Jay Johanson sang tonight.
A voice out of this world.
An immense joy for the soul.


If only had I had the pleasure of listening to him somewhere else. I can’t yet describe in words the anger and the desperation that overwhelmed me while watching the people around me. Jay Jay’s music may have trip-hop and electro elements, but in its essence, it’s very close to blues, or old school jazz — a melancholic man singing from the bottom of his heart. How can one trample underfoot such sincere music?

More than half of the ‘audience’ was talking loudly, chitchatting like grocery sellers in the market, backs turned from the scene, smoking their fetid cigarettes and drinking their beer. No respect whatsoever for the few that were all-ears, no respect for the few that felt shivers down their spines whenever Jay Jay’s voice sighed or trembled. No respect for themselves, the ones that are the ‘educated’ young hope for the romanian future. We all know each other more or less — advertisers, journalists, so called modern artists, musicians, entertainers, djs, vjs and so on. Small world. Crème de la crème. The ones present at every hip, cool, trendy, ‘indie’, ‘underground’, ‘alternative’ music event. Muse? They were there. Massive Attack? Of course. Placebo? Cohen? Goldfrapp? IAMX? You bet. All there. Sitting around, chatting and drinking. Like they just got there by mistake. Like it didn’t matter whether the singer was singing about his lost love or the last three burgers he just wolfed down while watching the game. Too bad Jay Jay didn’t have the strong enough sound system to cover up the truth: there is no real cultural demand in Romania. It’s all a façade.

Fuck you very much, hipsters and yuppies. You just proved once more that Romania doesn’t deserve to be european. Not now and not in the next ten years. And that’s being optimistic.

— iancu




Woa, was is that bad? I’m really sorry.
I hope tonight they will not do the same. Jose Gonzales doesn’t deserve this as I’m sure Jay Jay didn’t either.

Yeah, that bad. I’m a patient guy, not easily pissed off, but last night they really pushed the wrong buttons.

Let me know how it went with José.


Well, I was pretty close to the stage but you could hear the crowd buzzing behind you.
José was great, I wasn’t expecting anything else but the gentle, warm music but indeed the crowd, especially near the bar came there for chating not for the concert.
Too bad. They missed, as I’m sure it happend friday, a beautiful musician.

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