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L’Illusionniste — the art of animation

June 12, 2010, 8:50 PM

Following the wonderful Les Triplettes des Belleville, director Sylvian Chomet comes this summer with L’Illusionniste, a feature-length animated film about an old struggling illusionist and a young girl travelling throughout Europe. The story is based on an unpublished script written by Jacques Tati in 1956 as a letter to his daughter. The main character is a modeled version of Tati himself, one of the finest French comedians (both an actor and a director). But enough with the details, have a look for yourself (please excuse the russian trailer, the normal one does not allow embedding):

You can find out more on the wikipedia entry or on the beautifully designed official site. If your french is brushed up, you can watch this interview with Sylvian Chomet (either way, you can drool over the beautiful scenes from the movie). You could also watch La Vieille Dame Et Les Pigeons (The old Lady and The Pigeons), another short animation by the same director (be careful not to miss the other two parts).




very sweet :)

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