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Reverting to Type — A Treat from the New North Press

January 17, 2011, 6:05 PM

Held at the Standpoint Gallery, “Reverting to Type” explores the modern execution of letterpress. Curated by Graham Bignell of New North Press and graphic designer Richard Ardagh, the exhibition showcases the work of twenty contemporary letterpress practitioners from around the world, contributions from three leading art colleges and the first eight in an ongoing series of prints with especially invited collaborators.

The show opened on 10th Dec 2010 and it’s still on till 22nd Jan 2011 (this Saturday), so if you’re in London and you haven’t seen it already, do yourself a favour and go see it — open daily from 10 to 6.

The beautiful poster and invitation for the exhibition.

Here’s a close-up teaser (more images after the jump):

The prints are wonderful, enticing you to touch them, to feel the texture of the thick paper and the letters hard-pressed into it. Styles are as many as typefaces, several prints being a real typographical-circus, showing off with more than twenty or thirty typefaces on the same sheet. Prints vary — from classic to modernist, from Carson-like to Paula-Scher-like, from quiet and discreet to loud and violent — all striving to become your favourites. Hard to pick, believe me.

Most prints are available for sale, among other treats not exhibited on the walls:

Here’s my favourite, a poster depicting various excuses for not doing your homework (be sure to click to enlarge):

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