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Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO

The End of Bon Voyage by Jared Muralt

September 27, 2014, 12:37 PM


Quite rare these days to see somebody putting a lot effort into drawing, and having something interesting to tell as well, even among top illustrators. Most either go for the trendy, ‘naive’ or ‘kid-drawing’ style, or for hyper-realist renderings of non-subjects.

Jared Muralt is one of the rare people that are not afraid to stand on the shoulders of others before him (in his case, European graphic novel masters) and take things further. His latest book, ‘The End of Bon Voyage’ is a treat for the eyes and mind, cover to cover. There are no words, the better for your imagination to fill in the details.

Below are more photos to wet your appetite (click for larger size). You can buy the book through his website: You can see more of his beautiful illustrations on his Instagram (plenty of great WIP shots), his Facebook and his Behance (his sketchbooks are amazing, not to miss).






Clouds sold me from the beginning. There’s something magical about looking into the distance, ‘travelling’ with my mind. I’d never get bored of this kind of scenery: