Cinty is one of the best visual artists in Bucharest, her work ranging from live VJing with many of the local DJs to visually-supporting impressive theater plays like “The Concrete” (played in New York in July, 2010, during the Undergroundzero festival). She is also an active member of the Brum Conspiracy, an experimental, electronica & nu-jazz band.

Being a vivid, full of joy and energetic person, always involved in so many projects, Cinty’s logo was bound to be just as colourful and friendly. The typography is based on VAG Rounded, using a small-cased ‘n’ to make a pun on her name, Cinty — ‘n’ City, since she’s all about urban experiments and night life. You can follow her urban adventures on her blog or on her MySpace.

The logo

Just as her vivid personality, the logo sports five bright colours.

Colour versions

The logo can be applied on any colour, using strong contrasts, reminding of her visual experiments.

Not-so-business cards

An economic, environmental friendly and cool solution: stamps are used to personalize any coloured card with contact details.

Cinty in person

Photo presented courtesy of Decat O Revista and Miri Bratu.