I have designed the items below while working at Brandient. Photos are presented courtesy of Brandient, unless otherwise noted.

Dedeman is the largest DIY retailer in Romania, with 20 retail spaces in all the major cities and more than 3 350 employees (in 2010). Assisted by Brandient, Dedeman began the long process of rebranding in 2008, in which I’ve had the pleasure of taking part. This has been one of the largest and most challenging projects ever, spanning over more than three years, being involved in almost all its stages.

Retail elements

Various types of hanging banners and row headers help clients find their way. Communication is colour coded, orange being used for informative messages, red for promotional ones while cyan is used for relational messages.


Icons depicting the large variety of services Dedeman offers their clients.

Special services

Special services like bathroom & kitchen designing or curtains adjusting have their own two-colour-based identity. Their icons are also emphasized.

Brand guidelines

An extensive brand guidelines of more than 100 pages helps the client and its advertising agencies, producers and partners keep the Dedeman brand identity strong and coherent.

Product catalogue

Based on a 12×12 grid, the catalogue’s versatility can easily present Dedeman’s large range of products.


Pins, notebooks and other items were designed for the company’s proud employees.


Other premiums (mugs bear a funny pun on Dedeman’s dog+helmet logo).


Dedeman’s vehicles are visible from far away on all the Romanian roads.

Corporate literature

Dedeman’s achievements, facts & figures and local status are presented in an extensive brochure.

The company’s Pantone colours are used to boost up the information’s impact.

Corporate values posters

Designed on a modular grid, the posters illustrate each of the company’s internal values.

Customer service posters

Posters were designed for the employees, reminding them how clients should be treated.

Retail photos

The visual identity dominates the large variety of products.


Advertising on local transport (photo courtesy of Adrian Mironescu).


Credits & facts

The Brandient design team:
Cristian 'Kit' Paul — Creative Director
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer
Ciprian Badalan — Designer

The Dedeman logo was designed by Bogdan Dumitrache and Cristian 'Kit' Paul.
For more info on the project, read the Brandient Dedeman case study.

Awards & Mentions:
— The Dedeman rebranding won 'Best of Awards' at Rebrand (Rhode Island, USA, 2009). More details here.
— Featured in "Brand Identity Essentials: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands", Rockport Publishers (October 1, 2010). Available on Amazon.
— Featured in the "Brandient 101" book. More details here and on Brandient's website.

Client facts and info:
— the largest DIY company in Romania (surpassing Praktiker in 2010);
— more than 3 350 employees;
— more than 130 000 m² overall surface of Dedeman's retail spaces;
More info can be found on Dedeman's website.