Design Challenge


This is a personal, non-comercial project. All works are original. Photographs are either of my own creation, or from different free sources. Should you find any copyright problems, please contact me. Thank you.

The Design Challenge project was born more as a stringent necessity rather than a hobby. Working under tight deadlines, especially in these two last years of recession, left less than little room for creative explorations on many commercial projects. This meant that slowly, but without doubt, routine would’ve taken over, sooner or later. Since I wasn’t going down so easily, I gathered a few friends and fellow creatives and started a twice-per-month design challenge. Themes would be given on a rotation basis, avoiding topics that we usually worked on at our jobs. We settled most on book covers, music covers, stamps, art posters and sometimes experimental collages. All this just to keep the fire burning bright and, of course, to have some fun.

You can view all the works on the Flickr group, browsing by tags or creatives. We’ve reached Theme 16, Jules Verne book covers. There is no ongoing challenge at the moment, since the group has taken a break for some time, but there are plans of continuing the challenges starting this fall, with new and thought-provoking themes.

Here’s a small selection from my ‘challenges’:

Iancu—Camil Petrescu—v1

Iancu—Little Red Riding Hood—v1

Iancu • Bike ride

Iancu—Don Quijote



Iancu • Jules Verne — v1

Iancu—Timbre '89-'09

Iancu—Je t'aime... moi non plus—v2