I have designed the items below while working at Brandient. Photos are presented courtesy of Brandient.

Hobbyst is a private label for an affordable, entry-level range of power tools, owned by Dedeman, the largest DIY retailer in Romania. The logo and the visual identity support the suggestive name (also created by Brandient), making use of the dynamic Futura Bold Italic typeface and bold, warm orange and green colours, usually associated with DIY and gardening.

The logo

A simple, dynamic logo supporting the suggestive naming


Products have a strong presence on the shelf through their memorable packaging

Packaging guidelines

A short guide explains the packaging design rules in order to keep the identity consistent for all types of products, large or small


Credits & facts

Cristian 'Kit' Paul — Creative Director
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer

Logo designed by Iancu Barbarasa.