A good designer must take a look back, from time to time, to see how far he is ahead of his older selves. It’s so easy for us creatives to start thinking “I got it”, “I know kung fu design”, to feel good and confident about your skills, to think you’ve learned enough. As time goes, experience grows, but getting better gets harder and harder, and by the time you’re thirty or forty, many have stopped looking around, not so eager to learn new things anymore, tired or bored of exploring.

Another thing we tend to forget is drawing, the sheer joy of driving the pencil around on a large sheet of paper. Illustrator, Photoshop and others alike are the tools of the trade these days, but giving up drawing, sketching, is almost like loosing yourself. Of course, nobody has the time to draw an A1-sized paper these days or to letter by hand, but carrying a sketchbook with you most of the time will save your (creative) life — I’d bet on it. I’m a Watercolour Moleskine addict, myself :)

Here’s a video with a folder still holding many of the works made during the four years of study at Design College, UAD Cluj. Most of them are mine, a few are Arpi‘s, my very good friend and fellow designer (look for the chess set or the beautiful Iron-Giant-like tram — he’s an awesome illustrator, not only a good designer).

And here are some of my best, in large size:

Canon Eos 33

A study of my old film camera (50x70 cm, pencil, chalk pastels, markers, ink).

Tea kettle

One of the assignments in the third year at Design College, Cluj (50x70 cm, pencil, chalk pastels, markers).

Perfume bottle

Another study on liquids and bottles (50x70 cm, pencil, chalk pastels, markers).

Car design

A 4th year assignment, a car inspired by architecture (50x70 cm, pencil, chalk pastels, markers, ink).