Other logos

There are many ways to express a brand’s identity or ‘big idea’. While it might not have the importance it had some decades ago – some even proclaiming it to be ‘dead’ – the logo remains an important brand asset. Nike or Apple are just two of many good examples of how powerful and timeless a logo can be, given the right exposure and care. However, few can afford large advertising budgets, expressing their identity over a large range of materials or developing a memorable brand experience for their clients. Because of this, more often than not, the logo remains the company’s flag bearer. Last but not least, it’s worth remembering that the logo is supposed to identify, not describe.

Apart from the ones presented as separate projects, here are a few other logos that I had the pleasure to design over the years:

Trei Copaci

Trei Copaci (meaning ‘three trees’) sells furniture and interior design services. For each new client, they plant three trees


Logo for a web designer that takes pride in his meticulous, rational approach on his projects

Ad Rem

Logo and identity for a French company that offers business consultancy in Romania (‘ad rem’ is Latin for ‘on target’)


Identity for a Canada-and-UK-based network of independent solicitors specialised in Research & Development Relief (designed while at Appetite)

Dream Production

Logo and identity for a young web development company keen on pushing forward in every project


Logo for a pipes and fittings brand, owned by the DIY retailer Dedeman (designed while at Brandient)

Ioan Badea

A personal logo designed for the entrepreneur Ioan Badea and his new Canary Wharf office establishment


Logo and identity for the Romanian state-owned export-import bank (designed while at LOWE & Partners)


Logo for a teen online magazine


Symbol and logo update for Babel, an Italian IT services provider


Logo for a Romanian newspapers publishing house

While not a logo in itself, this illustration pays homage to Paul Rand’s ‘Eye Bee M’ poster, which reimagines the iconic IBM logo. It is a small part of an infographic piece designed for a London Legacy Development Corporation brochure, presenting key features from the new residential area surrounding London’s Olympic park.


Part of an infographic piece I designed for the London Legacy Development Corporation, also an homage to Paul Rand