Patria Credit

I have designed the items below while working at Brandient. Photos are presented courtesy of Brandient, unless otherwise noted.

Patria Credit is the largest Romanian non-banking financial institution specialized in microfinancing. Previously known as CAPA Finance, the company began its rebranding in 2008, with the help of Brandient. I was responsible for most of the brand’s implementation, from finalizing the logo’s extensive colour palette, choosing the typeface used for advertising, designing the legal documents (contracts, invoices etc), communication materials (print ads, posters, leaflets, flyers, banners etc), the brand guidelines, premiums, improving the website’s structure and design, to presenting the new visual identity during several sessions of brand engagement held by Brandient for all Patria Credit employees.


Posters and print ads rely on the clients' trustful testimonials and on the memorable logo elements.

Photography style

As a strong differentiating point, Patria uses real client photos and testimonials in its communication materials.

Leaflets have a personal, letter-like feel, presenting step by step each financial product.


Pens, mugs, notebooks, pins and many other premium items were designed for the employees.

Legal documents

Clear and easy to understand legal documents were designed, respecting the same layout as all the other stationery items.


A thorough brand guidelines guards the brand's visual identity coherence.

Patria Credit's visual identity makes use of no less than thirteen colours.

Colour usage

Out of the thirteen, only four colours are used extensively, in order to avoid a dilluted visual identity and confusion with other competitors.


Marketing communication relies on the informal Le Monde Courier.


Just as the leaflets and other printed materials, the website presents the products step by step, from general information to the most specific details.


Credits & facts

The Brandient design team:
Cristian 'Kit' Paul — Creative Director
Bogdan Dumitrache — Senior Designer
Alin Tamasan — Designer
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer

The Patria logo was designed by Alin Tamasan, Cristian 'Kit' Paul, Iancu Barbarasa.
Patria's clients photography by Cosmin Gogu.

Awards & Mentions:
— The Patria Credit rebranding won 'Merit' at Rebrand (Rhode Island, USA, 2011).
— Featured in the "Brandient 101" book. More details here and on Brandient's website;
— Featured in the "Relogo - Re-designing the Brand" book. More details here;
— Featured in the Logolounge vol. 7 book.

Client facts
Further information on the company can be read on Patria Credit's website.