Portland Village

I have designed the items below while working at Appetite. Images are presented courtesy of Appetite.

Portland Village (W1W) represents one of the areas in west-central London, part of Fitzrovia. The area manages to combine the quiet beauty of a village with the vibrant atmosphere of city life, delimited by Regent’s Park at its northern limits and with many tree-lined squares and straight, wide streets. The Portland Village Association is a local amenity association that focuses on issues concerning this area, acting as a channel of communication to local government and providing a platform for local business to work together in areas of mutual interest.

The Portland Village symbol

An elegant emblem inspired by the area’s architecture, rich history and tree-lined streets

The logo is based on the architecture and the straight, tree-lined streets in the area, an elegant emblem in which you can also read the initials P and V. The beautiful Verlag typeface supports the whole visual identity.

The logo

The beautiful Verlag typeface complements the symbol

View of Great Portland Street with Villandry, one of the best restaurants & cafes in the area


Credits & facts

Daniel Vasconcelos — Design Director
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer

Logo designed by Iancu Barbarasa.

Featured in the 'Monogram logo' book, published by Counter-Print.

You can read more about the area on the Portland Village website. The Great Portland Street image is taken from the Portland Village gallery.