I have designed the items below while working at Brandient.

The largest and most productive poultry breeder in Romania, Transavia clearly needed an appropriate corporate brochure presenting its achievements. Making use of strong yet professional-looking typography (the company’s corporate typeface, Univers) and powerful red-tinted images, the brochure presents the Transavia facilities, the extensive range of products and its CSR projects.

Some of the spreads, from different chapters (click to enlarge).


Credits & facts

The Brandient design team:
Cristian 'Kit' Paul — Creative Director
Cristian Petre — Senior Designer (concept)
Iancu Barbarasa — Designer (layout & typography)

Client facts
Transavia is the largest and most productive poultry breeder in Romania. It is also the only Romanian producer on the market who controls its entire production circuit, from the slaughterhouse to the packaging plant, thus ensuring the quality of its products.
You can read more on the company's website.