Everyone is busy.

People rarely care much about brands. They just don’t have the time. They’re busy living their lives, solving their problems. Not to mention that they’re constantly surrounded by advertising. So if you’d like them to pay attention to you, you’d better give them something in return.

Inform – differentiate – delight – inspire.

A good brand (company or product) does the first two, maybe even three of the above. A great brand does all four. My goal is to help clients draw people’s attention, and offer them something of value in return. By always asking ‘why’, my curiosity helps in finding a clear and relevant idea that informs everything I design, from the general look and feel, down to the smallest details of a company or product’s identity.

If you’d like to see how this works, please browse through some of the projects I’ve been involved in over the years. If you’d like us to work together, or have any questions, do get in touch.