One Thing Leads to Another

A short film about collecting cycling caps – more »

Maison Caramel

Identity design for a chalet in the French Alps – more »

The Veltron Transmissions

Cover design and illustrations for the a digital band – more »

Plates for a better day

Handlettering on ceramics – more »


Design for an alpenglow-themed bike – more »

Applaud with full satisfaction

A publication about the quirky worlds of Japanese bike names – more »

FS Lucas

Campaign & identity for the launch of Fontsmith's new geometric typeface – more »


Identity for one of the world leading special effects companies – more »


Hand-drawing letters while turning words into visual puzzles – more »


Rebranding the largest private television network in the UK – more »

Picturing Thoughts

An ongoing personal project that turns thoughts into images – more »


Read more about how I work in the Approach section – more »