Nature cycles


“Nature cycles” is a drawing that I hope will make people think about the joys of nature, and inspire them to cycle more (and hopefully drive less).

Climate change is a serious subject, and often presented in an alarming way, but I think it’s also important to remind people of nature’s positive aspects.

A bike ride, a walk in a park or enjoying a garden. They might seem simple, but they can have such a good influence on both our physical and mental health.


My initial sketches explored how cycling and flowers are two of the many ways in which we can enjoy nature. Combining the two ideas seemed like a delightful thing to do. During the process, I remembered that Milton Glaser often drew women with flowers in their hair. So I thought that would be a beautiful way to symbolise nature as a motherly spirit, cycling around the globe.

You can see my final drawing process (done in Procreate on an iPad Pro) in the time-lapse video lower down the page.

In the shop

The “Nature cycles” drawing is available as a giclee print (A3 or A2) in my shop.

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