Food for thought‘[...] do not think that good design can make a poor product good, whether the product be a machine, a building, a promotional brochure or a business man. But [...] good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential. In short, [...] good design is good business.’
Thomas J. Watson Jr., IBM CEO



My name is Iancu Barbărasă, I work mainly as a brand identity designer and I live in London, UK.

‘Good design is good business,’ as Thomas J. Watson of IBM once said. I believe design can add value to companies or products, either through innovative solutions or, at least, by making things a little bit better. Details are important, as people feel and appreciate them, even if they don’t always notice them. I also believe that following trends or designing without a relevant, insightful idea will not bring any long term benefits, but on the contrary.

I have more than twelve years of experience, being based in London since 2010. I’ve worked with The Brand Union, Rudd Studio, Bunch Design, Irving & Co, GBH, SomeOne, Landor, The Partners, jkr Global, PowellAllen and others, including direct clients. In the beginning of 2013 and second half of 2012 I was one of the key people involved in the rebranding of the ITV network.

I’ve been involved in many branding and design projects, large and small, ranging from banks, retailers, FMCG, educational institutions to attorneys and other specialised companies. I’ve often kept a close relationship with the clients, being in charge of many presentations and taking part in several brand engagements. I also worked in advertising, a useful experience in understanding how brands develop over both short and long periods of time.


  • Present – 2010 September
    Brand Identity Designer, freelance, London: Rudd Studio — The Brand Union — GBH — The Space Between — Irving & Co — Fontsmith — Bunch Design — Landor — The Partners — JKR Global — SomeOne — PowellAllen — Notable London — Ian Styles — Carré Noir — Radley Yeldar — Studio/DDI — Novagram — direct clients (UK, US, Italy, Romania, France, international)
  • 2012 June – 2011 April
    Designer, Appetite, London;
  • 2010 September – 2007 April
    Brand Identity Designer, Brandient, Bucharest (Romania);
  • 2007 April – 2006 April
    Art Director, Lowe & Partners Group, Bucharest;
  • 2006 March – 2005 October
    Designer, Adveritas, Cluj-Napoca;
  • 2005 April – 2004 December
    Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Transform, Cluj-Napoca (Romania);
  • 2004 May – September
    Graphic Designer, General Services Group, Cluj-Napoca.


  • B.A. Design, University of Arts and Design, Cluj Napoca (2001-2005 — diploma subject: Visual identity for the Cluj-Napoca city).


  • 2013 — Bronze, Cannes Lions, for the ITV rebranding project (as part of the Rudd Studio and ITV Creative team);
  • 2012 — ‘Distinction’ award at ReBrand (Rhode Island, USA) for the Bitdefender rebranding (as part of the Brandient team);
  • 2011 — ‘Merit’ award at ReBrand (Rhode Island, USA) for the Patria Credit rebranding (as part of the Brandient team);
  • 2009 — ‘Best Of’ award’ at ReBrand (Rhode Island, USA) for the Dedeman rebranding (as part of the Brandient team);
  • 2009 — ‘Merit’ Award at ReBrand (Rhode Island, USA) for the CEC Bank rebranding (as part of the Brandient team);


  • 2013 — Featured on It’s Nice That online magazine, with the Picturing Thoughts project;
  • 2013 — Featured in the ‘After Hours’ exhibition (London) — read the blog post about it;
  • 2012 — Featured on FormFiftyFive online magazine;
  • 2012 — Guest writer on LogoDesignLove (a very popular graphic design website): On finding design work in a new country;
  • 2012 — Featured in the “Logotype” book, by Michael Evamy, available on Amazon;
  • 2011 — Featured in the “Relogo – Re-designing the Brand” book;
    More details here;
  • 2010 — Featured in “Brand Identity Essentials: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands”, Rockport Publishers (October 1, 2010).
    Available on Amazon;
  • 2010 — featured in the “Brandient 101” book; more details here and on Brandient’s website;
  • 2009 — interviewed by Time Magazine on the IKEA typeface debate; read the article here, or my blog post here.